It is now available online the 3rd Vol. of Studies on Argumentation & Legal Philosophy by M. Manzin, F. Puppo and S. Tomasi (eds.) entitled: Multimodal Argumentation, Pluralism and Images in Law. The volume collects a selection of papers presented and discussed at the VII National Conference of the Italian Society for Law and Literature (ISLL), hosted by CERMEG and the Faculty of Law in Trento (Trento Days on Rhetoric 2016 - GTR 16) on June 16-17, 2016.

All contributions shared two main topics: the representations (images) of law, and the new media with their major impact on legal culture. The overlapping between the two allows us to focusing on the role of symbols and language in an interdisciplinary way, looking at the new evolutions of law without avoiding the theme of its cultural origins.

This path moves throughout various juridical thoughts, which are expressed by each contribution, proposing points of view dealing with different areas: art and literature, history and epics, theatre and sport. The background idea is that of a living law in the cultural contexts of society, fed by language and its evolutions, overtaking an excessively formal concept of law. The Authors enlisted below prefer to consider the law in its symbolic, perceptive and emotional dimension, in which citizens and interpreters are not mere spectators or mechanical executioners but active participants, able to seize its essence and transform with it.

Authors of the papers are: Giovanni Bombelli (Sacro Cuore Catholic University, Milan, IT), Alessandro Campo (University of Torino, IT), Roberto Cassini (University of Torino, IT), Paolo Ciccioli (University of Bologna, IT), Fabio Corigliano (University of Teramo, IT), Luigi di Santo (University of Cassino, IT), Marina Frunzio (University of Urbino, IT), Anna Jellamo (University of Calabria, IT), Miklós Könczöl (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Budapest, H), José Manuel Aroso Linhares (University of Coimbra, P), Enrico Maestri (University of Ferrara, IT), Riccardo Mazzola (University of Milano, IT), Emil Mazzoleni (University of Pavia, IT), Claudius Messner (University of Salento, IT), Maria Paola Mittica (University of Urbino, IT), H. José Plug (University of Amsterdam, NL), Mario Riberi (University of Torino, IT), Eugenio Ripepe (University of Pisa, IT), Luca Salvadori (University of Cagliari, IT), Alberto Scerbo (University Magna Graecia,  Catanzaro, IT), István H. Szilágyi (Pázmány Péter Catholic University, H), Daniele Velo Dalbrenta (University of Verona, IT). Introduction by Carla Faralli (University of Bologna, IT) and Maria Paola Mittica (University of Urbino, IT).

The volume is fully available in Open Access at this link.

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