A two-days workshop on legal theory and legal philosophy was held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 20 -21 November 2015, sponsored by the Graduate School of Government and European Studies and the European Faculty of Law.

The main task of the conference was to reflect upon EU values, asking for some fundamental questions: what are EU values? Is there a lowest common denominator for them? What should be the role of legal theory and legal philosophy in the search? Which dilemmas and challenges are at stake?

You can find the complete program of the Conference at http://legal-theory-conference.blogspot.it/.

Among other remarkable speakers, Federico Puppo and Serena Tomasi, members of¬† our Centre, presented a selected paper entitled “EU Values for Lawyers: the CCBE Code of Conduct“. The President of the Centre, Maurizio Manzin, partecipated in the Conference at prof. Marko Novak’s special invitation. Professor Novak lectures at the European Faculty of Law in Nova Gorica and Ljubljana (Slo) and was one of the co-organizer of the Conference.

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