Fonte: IVR Newsletter No.33 - 2004 (p. 28)

Organizer: Maurizio Manzin Full professor in Philosophy of Law - University of Trento International meeting: Giornate Tridentine di Retorica GTR-4 Trento, May 27-29, 2004

The first session (entitled “Rhetoric and existence”) hosted the main speech of F. Cavalla (“Rhetorical method and research oh truth”) discussed by G. Ferrari, S. Fuselli, M. Manzin, P. Moro; the second session (entitled “New perspectives on legal rhetoric”) hosted speeches of legal philosophers, law historians, Roman Law and Criminal procedures scholars, among which G. M. Azzoni, V. Velluzzi, C. Sarra, M.-D. Couzinet, G. Santucci, M. Busetto, S. Bonini; finally, the third session (entitled “Lawyer and orator: which role for rhetoric in the s. c. fair trial?”) hosted the National Congress of the Unione delle Camere Penali Italiane, and the introduction of the book by A. Mariani Marini (eds.), Teoria e tecnica dell’argomentazione giuridica [Theory and tecniques of juridical argumentation], Giuffrè, 2004 (discussants: F. Cavalla, A. Amato Mangiameli, C. Ancona, R. Bertuol, E. Randazzo) with the scheduled speeches of R. Sanchini, P. Sommaggio and E. Fragasso jr.

Foundation of the Research Centre on Legal Methodology (CERMEG) The Center was constituted with the public signature of the statute on May 29th, 2004, in the occasion of the third session of the Congress “Giornate Tridentine di Retorica GTR-4”. Dennis Patterson, Juan Antonio Garçia Amado, Marie-Dominique Couzinet, Mario Jori, Giampaolo M. Azzoni, Ettore Randazzo, Alarico Mariani Marini, Emanuele Fragasso jr. are members of the CERMEG Scientific Board. Francesco Cavalla was designed as President of the Centre by the promoting partners; Maurizio Manzin was nominated as Director. The Centre shall provide a forum for scholars in various disciplines who conduct research on legal methodology, promoting the study of the logical procedures constituting legal discourse, with special regard to their application in trial proceedings, and from an interdisciplinary perspective which combines different areas of expertise in the legal, political and social sciences, literary and artistic studies, the formal sciences, logic and epistemology, and economics. Publication of the series of studies Acta Methodologica, which periodically collects the scientific contributions devised within the activities and the researches of CERMEG. The print-out of the first issue “La retorica fra scienza e professioni legali” is expected for December, 2004 and it will collect the proceedings of the Congress “Giornate Tridentine di Retorica GTR-3” and further contributions (F. Cavalla, J. Wolenski, J.-A. Garçia Amado, G. M. Azzoni, R. Bertuol, G. Fornasari, S. Bonini, M. Jori, A. Mariani Marini, E. Randazzo, G. Santucci, M. Miglietta, U. Vincenti, A. Brighenti, D. Canale, P. Moro, F. Puppo, R. Poli).

The holder of the Chair and his assistants lectured in the following seminars and workshops: Seminar at the Scuola di specializzazione in teoria e tecnica dell’argomentazione giuridica [Master Program in Theory and Method of Legal Reasoning], Padua, March 27th, 2004 (M. Manzin, “The persuading form: systematic discourse between efficacy and truth”); Seminar “Theories of order in times of crisis: pre- and post-modernity”, University of Turin, branch of Cuneo, Cuneo, April 22th, 2004 (M. Manzin and F. Puppo); Seminar at the Scuola di specializzazione in teoria e tecnica dell’argomentazione giuridica [Master Program in Theory and Method of Legal Reasoning], Padua, March 20th, 2004 (F. Puppo, “Fuzzy logic and legal argumentation”).


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